An Excellent Vacation Experience: Taking Your First Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced angler, taking your first deep sea fishing trip can be an amazing experience. Florida fishing charters offer some of the best fishing experiences and most gorgeous scenery in the United States. You can go Florida Keys fishing and try to catch the popular Florida tarpon. Fishing for tuna, dolphin, sharks, marlin and other amazing catches is also popular in the Florida Keys. Islamorada fishing charters in the Florida Keys offer both offshore and backcountry fishing opportunities. Or consider taking one of the many Miami fishing charters. Wherever you choose as your first Florida fishing trip, here are some tips to get started.

Find an Experience Florida Fishing Charter

You might have to pay a little more, but finding an experienced fishing charter will prove to be money well spent. Charters that have been around a while and know the waters they sail can give you the best experience for your money. The captain and crew already know where the best fishing areas are located and what type of bait to use. You’ll also find the boats to be cleaner and more advanced than the typical fly-by-night service.

Check around in the area of Florida you’d like to visit. Use the web to search for professional fishing charters in that area. For example, if you’d like to fish in Islamorada in the Florida Keys, then type in Google “Islamorada fishing charter.” This will render results to experienced charters in that area. Check out the websites to find out how long the charter has been in operation, the fleet size of boats available, pricing, and what to expect. Also, make sure a fishing license and bait/tackle will be provided.

A fishing charter service’s website is also a good place to start if you need accommodations in the area. An established charter service might offer hotel rooms, beach house rentals, etc. so you can stay close by at an affordable rate.


Another thing to consider is if you’re prone to seasickness. Florida fishing charter boats will rock and sway with the water, especially on rough, choppy waves. If you’ve never sailed on the ocean waters before, then you might not even know yet if you will get seasick. And once you become sick, it will be difficult to fish or do anything else. Take motion sickness medicine before entering the boat to ensure a pleasant sailing experience. The last thing you’ll want is to spend all that money and become sick for the entire trip!

Choose a Boat

Most experienced Florida fishing charters have a number of boats to choose from, depending on your budget and the type of experience you’re seeking. You can choose from private boat rentals, group charters and Florida party boats. Consider whether you’d prefer more privacy during your fishing trip. If you don’t mind sharing a boat with others, you’ll save money in doing so.


Don’t base your entire trip on catching fish. If you know anything about fishing, then you realize that no charter service can absolutely guarantee that you’ll catch something. It’s a fact of life that some days are not so good for fishing. But if you look forward to the captive ocean views, the fun of riding the boat and the thrill of trying to catch fish, then you won’t be so disappointed if you do experience a “no fish” day!

Use these ideas to prepare yourself for an exciting adventure with Florida fishing charters!

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