General Info

This is your day; we want it to be a safe and pleasant experience.

We enjoy and welcome families with children as well as novices and will provide instruction. We will gear the trip to the level of passengers.

We can also accommodate the needs of the more aggressive client.

All trips are subject to weather conditions. If need be, we will postpone with flexible reschedule dates or refund your deposit.

Limited alcohol use is allowed but over indulgence will not be tolerated. Any drug use is strictly forbidden.

For the comfort of all only one cooler for food and beverages is recommended.

Concerning safety, there will be a safety vest available to each person as well as a six person auto-inflatable survival platform on board. We also have safety harnesses available for young children. The boat is equipped with an Emergency Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) with satellite capability.

We have an emergency medical kit on board. And yes, we have a porta-potty below in the cabin.

Soft soled shoes or boots are appreciated.

Although fishing rod and tackle use is included, feel free to bring your own equipment if you prefer.

Lost equipment is not included and will be charged for.

Any questions before the trip just ask.