Packing for a Fishing Trip – Are You Well Equipped?

Fishing is not only an excellent sport or profession; it’s a favorite pastime for many. It is an excellent way to relax. The calm and tranquil waters support you to leave the daily grind of life. Time spent with old buddies allows you to take your mind off work.

But, before you head out, examine the contents of your tackle box. Are you equipped with everything you need? If you’re unsure, check against our list.

Fishing gear differs based on personal preferences. The type of fish you intend to fish also influences your choice of equipment. Nevertheless, there are a few basic items that every box must have.

1. Rods:
Rods are the long poles used to catch fish. The rod is quite flexible and has a hook affixed to the end opposite to the one you hold. Fishing rods are of different types (sturdiness) and lengths. The type you should carry depends on the fish and the location. Ultra-light fishing rods are used for streams and lakes; whilst longer sturdier rods with heavier rigs are needed for fishing rivers. Some rods have push buttons for the ease of operation.

2. Line:
Like the rod, the type of line you should use relies heavily on the type of fish and the location. Opt for heavier, durable line in the 6-15 pound class. This is also a requirement in rough weather conditions and larger streams. Select a thin line to trick your catch when fishing in still waters. You can buy rods and reels as a combination or separately. Carry extra line. There are possibilities of line breaking, getting caught on a log or being bitten by nasty fish.

3. Baits and Lures:
The bait or the lure is affixed to the end of the fishing reel. It is used to entice fish. There are different varieties of baits – live bait and artificial ones. Live baits include smaller creatures such as worms, night crawlers, grasshoppers, leeches, grubs, hellgrammites, minnows and meal worms. Smaller fish are great lures for larger varieties. The fishing location is a great place to search for lures and baits. You can also purchase prepackaged bait. Stores sell prepackaged bait according to the fish type. Some are available as pellets and dough.

You can also choose from an array of artificial baits. The options include spinners, spoons, plugs and plastic worms. Artificial baits are made of plastic or wood. They have feather-like attachments and imitate the movement of live bait in the water. Carry sufficient lures in varied sized and colors. You will gradually learn which one works the best for you.

4. Boots, Vests and Life jackets:
These items do not go into fishing tackle box, but they are a must-wear on every trip to the lake. Passionate fishermen don’t mind wading through the water to get the best catch. That is why you should invest in waders of boots. Some waders reach as high as the waist while others extend up to the chest. Boots are usually knee-high. Boots and waders offer traction when walking through water. A life jacket is also suggested for the purpose of safety. Vests with their multitude of pockets and compartments house all your equipment while keeping your hands free.

Other necessary items include:
• A tube of sunscreen
• A tube of insect repellent
• Needle nose pliers to separate hooks from the catch
• A first aid kit for medical emergencies
• And to cut tangled line use nail clippers.

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